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What kind of security seals are there? What materials are they?

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Answer: According to different uses and purposes, sercurity seals consist of four types: plastic seal, cable seal, high security seal (container seal) and instrument seal. 

If you consider the use of cost factors,you will choose to use plastic seal,it is usually used for short-distance, sealing short-term loss prevention measures. Some of them are made of All plastic, some is made of plastic and metal insert.

And regardless of cost and consider the better safety, you will choose the cable seal or high security seal (container seal). Cable seal is usually made of zinc alloy or synthetic metal, and then fixed with the wire formed. Because of the softness of wire, cable seal is usually used to seal the location of the more complex for loss prevention measures. 

The high security seal (container seal) is usually made of A3 steel lock and lock lever, feel heavy, strong and durable. It is usually used in loss prevention measures such as shipping container or truck container with long distance and long sealing period.

There are smaller instruments sealed for electri meter, water meter, gas meter etc. which needs to seal the loss prevention measures.Most of them are made of PC and ABS with vaious wires.




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